Overprotective elephants pool their resources to save a helpless young elephant stuck in the mud

It is not a surprise that animals are caring creatures. Stories like this are the proof that they have empathy and kindness in their nature.

A group of elephants does everything they can in order to save a poor young baby from the mud.

Everyone is astonished after seeing this incredible rescue of a helplessly stranded calf.

In this stunning picture, an elephant herd comes together to pool their resources in order to help a newborn elephant that has been stuck in the mud. The remarkable encounter was captured on film and demonstrates just how supportive and very helpful animals can be.

The family of elephants went to that place to drink water when one of the babies unfortunately slid and became caught in the muck during the procedure. Her protective mother responded quickly and sought to take control of the situation, but her tries and efforts were insufficient to save the poor infant. Then a senior female elephant appeared, bending to her knees and rescuing the scared infant with the assistance of her massive trunk.

The terrible incident occurred in Botswana’s National Park, and a nature photographer was the first to see such a remarkable event.

You can see the dramatic rescue effort right here! It surely is a worthy video to watch.

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