One child saved the entire class when the driver lost his consciousness

It was an ordinary morning. A bus full of children was driving to school. The driver was a 77 years old man called Arthur McDougal. But during the drive, he suddenly fell to the floor.

So, the bus lost its way.
And that time the boy named Connor knew what to do. So, he had to stop the bus in any way.

He needed the children to stay calm and stay in their seats.
‘I was sure that everything would be right and the police were already on their way’.

I already hugged one of the students as he was so afraid of what was happening.
So, due to the great efforts of these 2 guys, everyone was saved on the bus and nothing bad happened to them.

The brothers could act bravely and everything was well with them. It’s important that they did not lose their mind and acted on time.

Everyone was thankful to them.

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