Nobody wanted to adopt the deaf dog but when a deaf guy knew about the animal they became one family

Nobody wanted to adopt a deaf puppy. The poor baby was desperate but then something changed. A deaf guy found a deaf dog and found that they were created for each other.

They started to live together and talked in the same language.
A post about a small dog was shared on social media and was widely spread.

The animal was taken by activists and was in desperate condition.
The baby had some health problems. The activists were prepared for the worst but hoped that everything would be good. The baby stayed about one week in the hospital and fought for his life.

Because of the disease, the baby lost his hearing and vision.
And no one wanted to adopt such an animal.

The shelter also published a post about searching for the owners of the puppy but no one appeared who wanted to adopt it. After some time, Nick Abbott became interested in the animal. The guy found that it was fate and decided to visit the shelter.

The dog understood that he came for him. Emerson approached the man. And now they live together and the guy trains the animal with sign language. They understand each other very well.

The dog already knew the “Sit” command. And soon he will learn other commands as well.
This couple also became famous because of this story. Now everyone knows them.

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