No one wanted to help the poor animal because of the unpleasant smell

Once, a woman named Svetlana contacted the volunteers and asked to help the poor animal.
But the help could not arrive because of the icing on the roads. Two days passed but the woman asked them again to come and help.

An unpleasant smell was coming from the cat. And Svetlana could not take it with her. But she could warm up in the barn. The animal warmed up and then left.

Natalie, who came to help the animal, could not realize the complexity of the problem.
A lump of wool was gathered under its tail. The woman covered her nose with a scarf as the smell was awful.

But fortunately, the examination showed that everything was good. And there is no need for operation. The animal was sent to overexposure and was bathed.
It seemed that the animal did not originally live on the street.

When people noticed the problem, instead of helping they closed the door in front of the animal.
And if this kind woman did not tell the volunteers about the problem no one knows what would happen to the cat.

The animal would continue living like this and constantly get wet and freeze.

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