No one noticed the pain of the animal who was near the wall

This dog suffered a lot. So, people turned to local volunteers for the dog. The poor animal was hit by a car. One of the activists came and took the animal to the vet.

The poor creature had so many serious injuries.
And it was magic that the dog was still alive.

So, the dog had a little chance but the doctors did their best to save her life.
The operation lasted many hours. And the doctors cut his stomach.

The doctors did what they could and the remaining depend on herself.
The dog could not even stand to be herself in the first days after the operation.

It was even difficult for her to breathe. But after some time she started to recover.
Because of her stomach operation, she could be fed. So she was now on a diet.

And the animal should eat special foods to get well soon.
Now. one of the animal rights activists looks after the animal.

And it will last long until she will be fully recovered.
But now her life is no longer in danger.

The dog had the strength to get out of such a difficult situation. Together with the doctors, she fought for her life.

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