Neighbors complained about the noise coming from the birthday party but the police officer did something unexpected

Birthday parties are the best chance to have fun.
But sometimes the noise can interrupt your neighbors and they will complain about it.


Something similar happened with these people but their plan failed. The police officers decided to join the celebration instead of canceling it.
When the police came to cancel the party, the guests invited them to join them and have fun. So, they could not refuse and join the party.

The policeman also took pictures with the guests.
The party could have had another ending if they did not meet such kind policemen.

They did not want to ruin everyone’s mood and day.
This story spread on the internet and got many praising comments. There were so many good reviews about the case.

The police could make the family smile and enjoy their time.
Let’s hope that the neighbors would understand how important the day was for the girl.

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