Mini cow grow up with dogs and considered him as one of them

The mini cow was ignored by other cows in the herd as it was too small. So he left and was always sad.
But everything changed when he met the group of dogs who later became his best friend.

But Anthony and Amber did not know whether Haru would get along with the dogs or not. But all their worries were in vain.

Haru, like our dogs, it was easy for them to make friends, said Amber.
The dogs were so careful with their new friend, and gradually Haru started to behave the same way as they did.

Dogs also think that Haru is also a dog.
Haru is a little bit bigger than the dogs, so he is always careful not to hurt them.

The dogs take care of him like a newborn baby.
Such an amazing relationship.
The owners could never imagine life without Haru. Hary considered him a pet.

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