Meet this cat named Chamallow, it could break any cage

This cat can get out of any cage. And the camera suddenly captured the moment when the cat stuck its paws and opened the lock.
The cat is living in one of Marseille’s veterinary clinics. The workers locked the animal in the cage after leaving.

But the animal could break it at any time.
But no one ever saw how he did it. One day, the workers decided to install a camera to see how he does it.

And the results showed that the smart animal learned to lock the door on its own.
The staff was amazed as they locked him in a cage every day but the cat was waiting for them outside every day.

This cat not only got out of there but stole others’ food as well.
Such behaviors are rare.

This cat also could copy the actions of people. Experts claim that only smart animals could act like this.
But this was a failure for the cat.
The staff found out how he did it and now they put the animal in a cage that the cat could not open.

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