Meet the fluffiest and prettiest kittens in the world.

It’s not surprising to see so many people wanting one of these as a pet and here’s why.

French novelist Jules Verne said that he believes that cats are spirits. According to him cats could easily walk in the clouds and don’t fall.

These amazing cats that belong to the highland fold breed, are proof of this statement. These adorable animals are even very like a real cloud. They are silent types but also can be very joyful.

These cats are very fluffy and have soft fur. According to the people who take care of them, they are also very wise and very easy-going. They can be very comforting friends.

Due to their delicate nature, these cats can get along with every member of the family. Moreover, thanks to their chill type they won’t be bothered to stay at home alone for long hours. That makes them perfect pets for busy people.

People recommend taking these cloud cats from trusted breeders only. In some places, the cats will also already be vaccinated accordingly.

As for now, we can enjoy the pictures of these adorable balls of fluff. These will surely make everyone cheer up. Their pretty eyes and fluffy fur can make everyone want to hug them tightly.

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