Meet the dad named Zorro and its kitten called Bandit

This beautiful boy called Zorro recently became a father and his baby was a copy of him.
Indraini Wahyudin Noor has many pets in his home. But one of them is special and won his heart.

Comics think that you could not see who is hidden behind the mask but it’s easy to recognize this cat.
The name of the cat is Boy. But he is known as Zorro on social media.

He is the father of many babies. But only one of them inherited the uniqueness of his daddy.
Bandit wears a mask like his dad.

And as a result of this, he got such a name.
And the kitten became popular on social media due to this.

Many people could not stay indifferent when seeing this cute creature.
The baby also had a video with his father on Tik Tok which got thousands of views.

Many people follow them and patiently wait for each new post.
They wanted to hide their identity but despite this, they became popular on social media and everyone adores them.

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