Meet the cutest corgi, that has a sweet personality and loves everyone

There is a saying that goes, they are pretty and cute when they are tiny. This following corgi is just 5 months old, and might soon lose its charm.

Meanwhile, she is a source of positivity and love right now. Her name is Baby and her charm is unmatching.

She lives with her owner May and a senior dog called Cooper. The senior is 2 years old and looks like her petty uncle.

May really liked corgis, that’s why she decided to have one as well. One day she decided to open an Instagram account for her baby.

According to May, Baby is really playful. Sometimes when Cooper rejects, she would sulk. However, generally, she is like a ray of sunshine.

That’s why many people like her and thus she gained a lot of attraction on Instagram. Everyone loves to look at her pictures, as they are warm and are a source of positive energy.

According to May, Baby didn’t go through any special training lessons. However, she does understand and do the basic commands. May assures that no one makes her do any poses.

Seems like Baby loves her photos being taken as she always comes up to the lenses and poses to the camera!

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