Look how the most beautiful girl looks like today

Thylane Blondeau won the title of the most beautiful girl in the world at a very young age. But everyone was worried about how it would change their development process.

The girl was lucky in her genes. Both parents are amazing. And that’s why she is so charming.
She had blue eyes and looked great.

But many people find that modeling is not suitable for children.
Many countries do not accept models under 17 years as it sometimes could be unsafe for them.

Models should only think about how they will look. And is that normal for little kids?
This girl appeared on the catwalk at the age of 4 and soon became famous.

When she was already 10 years old she appeared on most fashion magazines’ covers.
Many adults dream about it.

She signed a contract with IMG Models at the age of 12.
She worked with luxury brands like Lacoste, Chanel, etc.

The girl by growing up confessed that she had no regret about her past.
And that was the secret of her success in this field. She did not have any discomfort since childhood.
Look how amazing she is today.

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