Look at this huge pandas who enjoyed the iced cake for the 50th anniversary of the Zoo

There are many ingredients used to make this special cake including carrots, sugar cane and everything that pandas love.
But it lasted only a couple of minutes due to the panda and her baby.

When the mother with her son was enjoying the cake, the father was chewing bamboo.
And the father did it so loudly that it was heard during the ambassador’s speech.

These bears are a symbol of friendship between countries.
Pandas are territorial animals and there is no chance that children will meet their dads.

The whole staff was celebrating National Zoo day.
And also the successes in the development of the panda breeding program.


There are so many successes in the increases of their population.
And the Chinese Prime Minister gave 2 pandas to the American People as a goodwill.

Showing the pandas to the whole world maybe would inspire everyone to accept their importance and worthiness.

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