Little kids barely manage to help this poor puppy

The poor puppy was sitting on the road and the passing cars almost hit him.
The puppy was lucky as he was not hit by any car yet but if 5 kids did not notice him no one knows what would happen then.

Children were returning from school when they noticed the puppy.
The parents of the kids were not rich but they took the puppy with them.

They all were from one nog family and when they took the puppy home their parents said that they could not feed the animal.
The children called him Jack and did not want to leave him.

The dog was starving from hunger and could not stay on the street any longer.
So, they decided to find a place where the puppy could stay.

Soon they found a guy called Mungaya who always helps street animals.
He calls her house a small shelter.

He did not have free space for this puppy but when he saw these kids his heart melted.
The children had a good heart and wanted to help the animal. Indeed it will be hard but I will create a new place for this puppy, he said.

He also hopes that the puppy will soon find a permanent home and caring owners.
The children often visit the shelter to see the puppy.

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