Kind people gave the 89 years old pizza man money that was gathered for him

Derlin Newey had to work in such an age to be able to live in retirement.
His money is not enough even for little things. So, he had to work at such an age.

Now, he is a pizza man and delivers it to homes.
One of his customers shared on social media how the old man delivers it every day.

So, he suggested raising money for the men who work at this respectable age to get money.
Many internet users liked the idea and collected money for him.

After a short time 12 thousand dollars was gathered.
And the money was already handed over to the men.

He could not hide his tears when he heard about it. He was thankful to all these kind people for their respectful act.

‘He really needed it. I am happy that we somehow could help him. He never asks for money, instead he works for it at such an age.

So, I am happy we could do this for him,’ said Valdez, the man who posted the story on social media and motivated many people to do so.

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