Kind lion found a poor baby fox and saved him from the lion

Something magical happened in Botswana and humans started to believe in miracles.
The mother lion heard some crying noises while walking in the park.

So she followed from where the sounds came and met a fox. The animal was wounded and was asking for help.
His hind legs were damaged and he could not move.

And then the mother saw how the male was getting ready to attack the baby.
But the lioness did not allow him to do so.

So, she protected the baby and was not afraid of the lion who was the king of beasts.
It seemed that maternal instincts forced her to do so. So, the mother saved the fox.

So, being sure that the baby was well they moved on. The baby soon became better and went to search for his family.
We see many stories when animals prove their kindness. Sometimes they act fairer than people.

Let’s hope that soon the baby will find his lost family.

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