Kay Underwood is a girl who is “allergic” to laughter

It must be hard to imagine life without fun, noisy friends, fun parties, and watching comedies or melodramas.
And this is the real life of a young girl from England – Kay Underwood.

Once, when Kay was still very young, her cousin scared her and the baby lost consciousness for 5 minutes. From that moment, every time the girl experiences some kind of emotion, she loses consciousness.
Doctors tried to understand what is the reason for such a reaction of the body to various emotions.

So far, they attribute this to the fact that Kay’s pituitary gland is not functioning properly and there is a sharp release of the hormone into the girl’s blood. That is why it is easier for Kay’s brain to “turn off” altogether.

The girl says that new friends rarely believe her and try to check what will happen if you make the girl laugh. And after she fainted, they cannot believe the reality of what is happening and think that Kay is playing them. Once a girl fainted forty times a day!
To all this, the girl also suffers from narcolepsy. Kay can fall asleep anywhere and at any time of the day.

With all this, Kay does not lose heart, she is a very positive person, and the girl is optimistic about the future. She also loves to joke around.
Scientists from California tried many times to help the girl, but so far their attempts were unsuccessful, even shock therapy did not help.
But not only the inconvenience and suffering brought her illness, the girl discovered in herself an incredible talent for drawing. The portraits that Kay draws are superior to professional artists.

The English Medical University is trying to find a way to cure Kay.
Scientists are sure that if the girl needs high blood sugar, it will stop the production of the hormone. True, to realize this in real life is still almost impossible. In theory, scientists are trying to find a method for artificially introducing glucose into a girl’s body.

Science does not stand still and Kay Underwood hopes that in the future she will be able to learn how to control the production of the hormone. At the moment, meditation gives Kay a visible result, it sometimes helps the girl not to fall asleep during important things.

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