Journalists managed to save the animal who was a victim of the disaster

The animal who was a victim of a disaster became popular. People were in a hurry and forgot about their pets in that place. They could not pay proper attention to their pets. But this story is about a dog who turned out to be lucky.

The photographer named Roarid Connellan was photographing the territory when suddenly noticed the poor dog.
So he went to the area and managed to untie the animal. Then he called the dog Lucky. He could not find his owners.

The photographer gave her food and water.
It turned out that other dogs and cats were living there. They all are well-groomed.


But they are not in danger and could find food by themselves. But they could not stay long as they needed special care. But journalists could not take all the animals with them. So, they contacted the local animal center. But the staff did not explain everything necessary.

Let’s hope that the owners will soon return and take Lucky. But the photographer was upset about their act of leaving the pet there. So, such owners would be arrested and banned from adopting animals.

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