It’s hard to believe, but in front of you are the real twins!

When we hear the word “twins” what image appears in our head? That’s right: two exactly the same people, but at least very similar. Now look at those twins? What do they have in common?

This girl was born an albino, despite the fact that her brother is dark-skinned.
This is Sherik and Terik Eliot. They have a great relationship, they love each other very much and the appearance of the girl could not affect this in any way.

The most interesting thing is that the family has an older sister with the same feature. She is an albino and thanks to her baby Sherik was able to accept herself for who she is.

The sister says she was happy when she saw the newborn girl. She was very happy that the baby looked like her.
Often Sherik’s appearance becomes the subject of ridicule of other children, but she tries not to pay attention to this.

The girl knows that she is no different from other people.
It happens that people do not believe that Sherik and Terik are twins. They often ask why the girl is much lighter than her brother.

Although the older sister was glad that another albino appeared in the family, she knew that living with this would not be easy. The girl said that at school she was humiliated and thrown food. She hopes that Sherik will be easier to live with.

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