It’s always a pleasure to read stories about dogs

An amazing story happened with the dog called Piglet.
He was a mix of Chihuahua and Dachshund with a special color.

The baby had a special color and was deaf and blind.
But the baby was loved by his family members and his disabilities never became a problem for him to enjoy his life.

He often plays with other dogs.
Many animal lovers are ready to save such babies with disabilities.

The temporary owners, soon understood that they could not give the puppy to someone else. So, they decided to keep him forever.
But it was difficult for the puppy to become used to his new family. But everything changed and now he loves playing with other dogs.

His owner is a doctor and he often goes to her workplace. All veterinarians are happy to see him. The puppy also enjoys going to pet stores.
His story soon became a discussion topic in schools, where students learned about pets who fight for their life.

Children are taught how a kind and caring attitude can help poor animals not to give up.
So, this is a nice lesson for everyone.

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