Is the Iceman a Phenomenon or Hard Work?

April 20, 1959, in the Netherlands, the province of Limburg, born the most ordinary boy named Wim Hof. There were nine children in his family, and no one was distinguished by any special talents from the others.

At the age of 17, while walking along the Backstridge Park canal, Wim Hof ​​could not overcome the desire to go into the cold water covered with thin ice, that’s when he realized what he was capable of. This later proved to be his incredible ability.

Since that moment, Wim Hof ​​has never ceased to amaze the world with new and new records. At the moment, he has already set twenty-six world records. To this day, Wim Hof ​​is a mystery that scientists cannot solve. Wim Hof ​​amazes everyone with his ability to not feel the cold.

Wim’s organism and the body do not react in any way to low temperatures. In 2000 Wim was underwater for 61 seconds on a frozen lake in Finland, he swam 57.5 meters under the ice. Wim Hof ​​climbed to the top of Mont Blanc in France wearing only shorts, this was in 2006.

The very next year, Wim ran 21 kilometers in the snow, being only in shorts, the snow temperature was no higher than 35 degrees below zero. He set a new record by staying in a cube filled with ice for 120 minutes. Wim Hof ​​learned to control his immune system in such a way that he was able to neutralize the endotoxin that was introduced into the blood of the emus as an experiment.

Scientists are racking their brains and trying to understand how the emu did it, they are sure that this is a phenomenon. In turn, Hof is sure that he was able to achieve such a result only with the help of training and a special breathing technique.

Wim says “Our respiratory system uniquely allows us to be both passenger and driver. Our autonomic nervous system will take care of involuntary actions like a heartbeat, or we can jump into the driver’s seat and take over the rhythm of our breathing.

Duality supports the idea that perhaps we can influence other systems in our body.”

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