Internet users collected money to treat the poor cat who had a dangerous disease

The woman named Jill lost her loved one. Her brother died because of brain cancer.
After that she struggled to save her beloved cat named Ashton. The animal had so many infections and there is a huge risk of losing her.

But there was a little chance and Jill decided to do everything to save her cat. But a huge amount of costs were needed for her treatment. So, the girl asked social media users to collect money for the treatment.

‘She is my whole world’ said Jill.
Many internet users were worried about the fate of the cat and many of them decided to send money for her cure.

Jill shared a link for the fundraising and fortunately there were enough kind people who wanted to help the cat.
During 2 hours $9,000 was collected.

Jill started the treatment and she usually posted about the process so that people who were interested in her life would be aware of it.
Let’s hope that everything will be good with Ashley and soon she will return to home.

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