Husky lost his friend and then befriended Duck and they made an amazing friendship

Max was only six months old when he was saved by this amazing couple from Minnesota. And after this, an amazing friendship was formed.
Max got along with a husky called Sasha. Sasha was the second pet of the animal.

But then Sasha died and it left an emptiness in his friend’s soul. It was so hard for Husky to cope with the loss. But the goose filled their life with its presence.
They formed an amazing relationship with Max.

Now they do everything and spend most of their time together. They go on trips, eat and play together.
Now everything is in place. Max is doing well with the goose and it somehow eased his grief.

They have so attached that people are amazed at how it could happen. But thanks to fate they found each other and now are the most charming couple ever.

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