Husky breed puppies till the moment she could not walk anymore, and she was barely saved

The dog named Maya was saved by a kind girl called Sylvia Rissa.
Maya was from a «puppy factory» in Brazil and was used to giving birth to puppies. And she was exhausted.

She was not treated well and because of this, she started to suffer from paralysis of his legs. So, the owners thought that she was no longer useful to them and decided to get rid of her.

But Sylvia came to her life on time and saved her.
The girl is an animal advocate. When she knew that the owners made such a decision she hurried to help the puppy.

Maya was found in an awful condition.
On August 28 the dog was saved by this kind woman.

‘The moment when I saw the dog for the first time, broke my heart,’ she said.
It was hard for her even to breathe.

But it was obvious from her eyes that she wanted to live.
Now she was saved. She underwent an examination and it took a very long time for her to recover.

I knew that she would never walk again but it did not stop me from my decision.
Thanks to this woman, Maya was saved and lives in a loving environment.

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