Husband secretly dug a tunnel from the bedroom and then his wife found it out by chance

The man named Patsy Kerr dug a tunnel over the years. His wife noticed it when her husband started to leave the house during the night.

So, she started to follow him to find out the reason for his behavior.
He always wanted to quit everything but it was hard to stop at such a step.

‘My wife was sleeping so deeply that she could not hear anything he said.
After 15 years his work was done.

Suddenly his plan failed when his wife noticed that he was leaving home at night.
When the woman saw that he was going to leave the house, she decided to follow him.

But she did not do anything. She waited for him to come back home.
So, Patsy should now confess everything.

The man built a tunnel, and it still should be filled.
Local authorities started to investigate the case as they were interested in it.
Soon, they will find out why the man did so.

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