How the little puppy was changed after being saved

The woman named Oksana found puppies. The babies were in the garbage can and were asking for help. Oksana had a dog who was also found on the street.

So, she could not stay indifferent to the puppies. And took them to her home.
The babies were too small. So, here the girl washed and fed the.

Her dog named Alpha also looked after them.
Alpha recently lost her babies. And now she is even more careful with these puppies.

The babies were happy to have a new mom and Alpha proved that she was the best guardian for them.

One of the puppies named Teddy was sick but the doctors managed to help him. After Teddy, Masha also got sick. Fortunately, she was also recovered.

Teddy managed to find a new home but no one wanted to take Masha.
Masha stayed with Alpha and learned many things from her.

Masha is an affectionate and cute creature. Also, she is a very loyal friend. And all this proves that she is a shepherd. So, let’s hope that soon she will also find a family that she deserves.

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