How the finalist of the show “Ukraine Got Talent” Nikita Kisilev looks and what he does now

Remember this boy on the show “Ukraine Got Talent”?
Nikita Kisilev wrote songs for many performers and successfully performed them himself.

His compositions are becoming more and more popular and taking first positions in music ratings.
How did the young artist’s career start?

Let’s start with the fact that Kisilev has loved music since childhood. And instead of watching cartoons, the talented boy listened to foreign performers all day long.

At that time, our hero was already attending a music school. One day, returning home from school, Nikita saw an advertisement for the second season of Ukraine Got Talent program.

At that time, The X Factor had just appeared and its popularity was low. Nikita immediately decided to take part in the competition to prove himself on the big stage.

In addition, he has already participated in music competitions before.
Then still a very young guy, Nikita Kiselev, at the age of 12, reached the semi-finals on the first attempt.

After listening to the talent show, Nikita managed to get into the number of contestants. The guy later admitted that this project was a great experience in his life, which taught him not to be afraid of the big stage and that music can generate income.

Nikita Kiselev did not win in the second season of the talent show but reached the final with brilliance.

Then the young talent continued on his way to his dream of the Musical Ring. Ukrainians have launched a new musical project: a vocal competition between the contestants “Ukraine has talent” and “X-factor”. Then our hero compared the “Musical Ring” with “Ukraine May Talent”.

The Ring also became a new stimulus for him. The participants of the project have always been grouped in different ways to make it more interesting for the viewer. Nikita also reached the semi-finals of the Ring competition.

Nikita Kiselev admitted that many people still ask him questions about the X Factor because this project is one of the most popular programs in Ukraine. Nikita at that moment decided that he already had enough music competitions.

Perhaps the “X-Factor” would have been Nikita’s project to reach new heights in the music world, but you can see that even without him the guy became a successful artist.

Having achieved success at music competitions and created his group (the TIME OUT group), Kiselev hesitated for a while about whether to go on stage as a solo artist.

Then Nikita collaborated with the producer and successfully promoted his songs on the market. The guy wrote a lot of songs in this studio, where he felt comfortable at the time. He agreed to remain a writer and had no intention of becoming a performer again.

However, an accidental coincidence led to the birth of the song “Tender May”. It was a completely “fresh” work, including several musical styles at once, and for a long time, the producers could not decide who would perform it.

Then it was decided that Nikita Kiselev would perform the song. He wrote the song but is also a good vocalist. The song became a hit within a few days, and thousands of listeners rushed to download it from the Internet.

After the release of the song, Nikita finally realized that you can find your unique style and stand out from everyone else. The young talent signed a contract with a producer and worked steadily for several years.

With the song “Tender May” Nikita Kiselev “broke through” as an independent and accomplished singer in the Ukrainian world of show business.

Nikita is in demand not only as a solo artist but also as a songwriter. Kiselev has been writing lyrics since childhood, and the themes of his songs are very diverse – from light motives to female lyrics. Perhaps that is why our hero began to offer his songs to other artists.

Earlier this spring, Kiselev released his debut album, Schlager 1997. The concept of the album is to present the romantic lyrics of the late 1990s in a modern musical arrangement.

Our hero promises fans a lot of new and interesting things. Today he is part of a group of creative people who are not afraid to write lyrics, develop new video ideas and experiment with music.

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