How do the fives live today?

Alexander and Anastasia are both working in the same place. They soon get married.
They wanted to have 3 children. But the pregnancy has stopped and they lost their hope.

But she believed that soon she would get pregnant again.
And after some time she gets pregnant and this time she should be very careful with the process.

And the couple was so surprised when they learned about having quadruplets.
It was a difficult pregnancy. But she managed to carry it.

And soon she will have a caesarian section.
The process was also difficult. And what happened amazed everyone.


She carried 5 children. The last girl was hidden behind the brothers.
Luckily, everything was successful.

Now their dream has come true.
People wonder how they cope with babies because it’s not an easy thing.

Anastasia did everything on her own.

They live in a big house, inherited from their grandmother.
The couple confessed that it was hard but they did it with great pleasure. Now they are more united than ever.

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