He was the smallest and has the most charming mustache on his muzzle

When the baby called Francis together with his mom and sibling appeared at the shelter the staff immediately noticed how different he was from them.
Francis weighed half of his siblings.

The volunteers thought that he did not receive enough nutrition and caused this. After some days staying at the shelter, the volunteers weighed the baby but there was no change in his weight.

Then, the owner of the clinic started to pay great attention to the baby. She started to look after him by herself.
Ellen thought that the vat had hypothyroidism. And that was sauce because of the lack of thyroid hormones.

She tested the baby but she was sure of her diagnosis. And the results proved she was right and then special treatment was assigned for him.
Despite all of this, Francis was a joyful baby. The baby enjoyed playing with others.

Then, the cat named Benny, who lived with Ellen for several years, paid attention to Francis.
They became best friends and Benny did his best to help the baby.

Ellen was very careful with the baby and soon it will be completely recovered.

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