He stroked the animal but the poor creature laid down and started to cry

In this city, you can always find wandering animals. People who become tired get rid of them like toys. So, the animal who is sick or old will have the same fate as other stray animals.

Many people stay indifferent when they see animals on the street.
Also, many cruel people can easily hurt these poor creatures and do not even think about their feelings.

But this story is about kind people.
The German Shepherd was living in the city. The animal was living in a river channel and was hungry.

Many kind people went down to the river and started to feed it. When one of the volunteers stroke him, he started to cry. He never saw such kindness from people. So, he could not hide his tears and cried.

The dog called Biggie is now healthy and loved. It managed to find caring owners.
But there are so many animals like this. They need love and help from people.

Do not stay indifferent while noticing them. The goodwill will return to you if you do so.

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