He saved the life of a bear who was drawing in the icy water

Eli Barkley together with his dad went fishing. They have so many expectations but not everything went according to that. They were walking when a forester approached them.

He was looking for the bear cub who was always there. And after some minutes the son heard some noises coming from the rover.

The baby was exhausted when they found him. He couldn’t even move.
They moved him to the car and gave him a sedative.

Then he was already in the water and the medicine started to work. He was getting weaker and weaker. Eli understood that the bear should be saved.

He jumped into the water and approached the bear. He managed to pull him out. The poor animal was so young and already did not have a mom.

The bear called William was sent to a rehab center where he would stay till he would become stronger. And then he will again be released to the wild.

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