Have you ever seen a mother’s opossum carrying her babies on her back? The photographer managed to capture this picture

For the North American opossum, technological progress cannot go unnoticed. Cars constantly moving along the highway threaten this small animal, as the person behind the wheel may not notice it.

A guy named Ed was driving down one of the many roads in suburban Wisconsin when he saw a possum running across the road in the distance. He was walking quite fast, but something slowed him down as if he was dragging a bag behind him. The driver realized that this was not luggage, but five furry, restless children who clung to their parents when she crossed the road.

The four looked ridiculous as they wrapped their arms tightly around their mother’s waist, protecting them from the wind. There was little space on the mother’s back, so one of the babies grabbed her by the tail and held her tightly. However, she was not in an uncomfortable position.

The strength of the possum’s tail allows it to stay on a branch and soar without dragging along the ground. One of his brothers was in a heavier state, as he perched on his mother’s head. The woman with many children herself moved with an uncontrollable desire to cross over to the other side as quickly as possible.

The picture is typical. Mother and offspring have a strong bond. In the US and Canada, there are no marsupials other than opossums. Marsupials carry their young over long distances when they are still small.

However, our animal heroes are already old enough and simply do not fit in a bag. As a rule, in several videos on the Internet, you can see how a family of marsupials walks on the backs of their parents.

Moreover, cubs sit on their backs not only during walks. Between the ages of two and five months, they rarely leave their mother’s neck. However, as soon as the offspring begin to live independently, they no longer maintain social relationships. If there was no need to multiply, then they would not contact their relatives.

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