Great Dane amazed everyone by being the best father for kittens

Relationships differ among dogs and cats. Some of them could not get along well with each other, others became best friends.

A great Dane called Corbin who was about 150 lb was temporarily adopted by Karen.
And the dog accepted the babies as they are and looked after them.

So, they started to do everything together.
Some people think that he is dangerous because of his size. But he was the most caring creature in the world.

And that’s why the babies felt safe with him. And they were scared of him. And they also made him happy.
Corbin was always shy and scared of people. But he loves other animals so much, said Karen.

After some time, the babies found homes and the dog had to part away with them.
But the owner promises that they will periodically see each other. Otherwise, it would be so hard for all of them without each other.

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