Freddy is the largest dog in the world and he is also taller than his owner

Representatives of Great Danes are in huge sizes.
And Freddy is the largest one from this breed. He is from England. He is about 2.28 m.

When Claire brought him home she knew that the dog would become bigger in size.
But she could not imagine that he would become the largest one in the world.

When he stands on his hind legs he becomes taller than Claire. Moreover, he is about 90 kg.
Recently, he was also listed in the Red Book as the largest dog in the world.

While many people think how she could keep such a pet, Claire loves her dog very much.
Freddy lives with his family. The family also had another dog named Fleur.

They both eat a very huge amount of food.
They both like fried chicken.

All the grocery expenses for both of them is about $15,000 a year. This is a huge amount. And there are also so many expenses connected to the dogs.

The owners are very careful with them.
‘I can’t imagine my life without my dogs’ says Claire.

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