Four bears couldn’t sleep in peace, that’s why this man takes small naps with them

Some individuals go to crazy extents to care for animals, even if the animals weigh more than 1600 pounds. For example, this man is going to the extent of taking short naps with the group of bears to make his lovely babies sleep better.

Jim and his wife opened a rescue shelter in New York. Jim always cared for and loved wild animals but the center specialized in taking care of abandoned bears.

The couple opened the center in 1990 and since then have been saved and helped many beers in need. However, never did Jim imagine he would develop a strong bond with the four of them. About 10 years ago, the couple rescued four baby bears and since then they became Jim’s favorites. During the years Jim and the four of them got pretty close.

Now they are so close that Jim even sleeps in the same place as the bears. According to Jim and his wife, the bears struggled to fall asleep that’s why Jim started taking naps with them. In the following pictures, you can see how five of them take naps together.

They not only take sleep with each other but spend most of their with each other. Look at this video where you can see how a bear plays with the snow:

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