Feline siblings had rare defects and were born with only 2 legs

Two cats named Newt and Frog had a rare anomaly. They didn’t have hind legs.
With such a disability they both started to walk when other normal kittens started to walk.

Their tail helps them to keep balance.
They are from Liverpool and the owner shared photos of the cats on the internet so that they could then find owners.

The volunteers saw the photos and wanted to look after the cats.
The animals lived in a shelter for 10 days.

Experts examined them but could not find out the reason for such an anomaly.
This was a unique case.

Most probably the reason for this was that their parents were close relatives.
But the owner of the shelter says that this does not bother them with their mobility.

They love walking and running and also running on the sofa.

If the cats could not find owners they would stay forever in the shelter.
And as soon as they become older they would need special strollers to be able to stay balanced.

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