Feeding the homeless dog saved the worker’s life on the same day

Our protagonist James was working as a loader at a supermarket. People who knew him, describe him as a hardworking and kind guy. Unlike his colleague David, James was very nice to the dogs or cats that he encountered on the streets.

One day James and David were shipping some materials to a big company. During that, a muddy and skinny dog approached them and started watching them closely. When David saw it he caused the dog to go away. The dog got scared and quickly ran away.

During time for lunch, James decided to have his meal outside alone. So, when James started eating his food the stray dog came back. It was looking at his lunch with warm and hungry eyes.

Once James noticed the dog he offered it a part of his food. The dog ate what the man gave and ran away cheerfully.

In the evening, when James was going back home, it started to rain heavily. The temperature got lower drastically and that made the sideroads covered with frost. James was trying not to slip while walking. Surprisingly, the dog he fed earlier was following him.

Unfortunately, he slipped hard on the ice and hit his head on the ground. This resulted in him to lost his consciousness.

Once the dog saw him laying, it approached and started to lick James’ face to bring him back to consciousness. As the lickings weren’t helping, the dog started barking and drawing the attention of the other people on the street.

Those who heard the dog and got closer to help the unconscious man called an ambulance. When James got his consciousness back he was told by the doctor that the courageous dog got the attention of others. And, that’s how he ended up in the hospital.

It astonished James, but later he understood that it was a way the cute dog thanked him for the lunch.

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