Fat dog was put on a diet and then gradually lost its weight and found a home

The dog named Rosemary was the fattest pet who was in the shelter. She weighs four times more than normal pets.
But the shelter staff did not want to give up and fought for the life of Rosemary.

But fortunately, in the end she managed to find caring owners and a loving family.
The dog was brought to the shelter to be euthanized.

But the shelter workers did not want to do so. The dog was just three years old.
So, they decided to cure the animal and help her to find a home. And the baby will be put on a diet and will lose weight.

So, they all did their best.
Her obesity harmed her other organs. And this will shorten her life span.

The baby could mostly walk 10 steps. But fortunately, she appeared in the hands of shelter workers and started to recover. So, after some time she lost 5 kg and became healthy.

During that time the dog became friendly and playful. And that was due to its weight loss. After some time was adopted by a caring family. And that was the happy ending of this story.

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