Everyone is in love with these wild kittens and here is why

These wild cats have some heavenly beauty with charming eyes. People don’t always recognize them. Their attention is usually ore on tigers, lions, and leopards.

However, among the felines, there are many pretty animals that deserve more attraction from people than they do now.

These predators particularly those that have light tassels on their ears can attract any human being. These are a bit larger in shape than an ordinary cat. Desert is their biological habitat.

And the name of this animal is caracal.

Some might think it is a lynx, but apparently, it is not. These graceful animals are smaller and have a definite fur color. Moreover, their fur can be various shades of red, from light beige to deeper red. The color can vary depending on the region where they inhabit.

Caracal’s name comes from the word “Karakulak”. The latter one means black ears. They can live in caves that they themselves dig or in trees.

They eat rabbits and birds. Many think that caracals can be living without a water supply for a long time, but it’s not completely true. They actually get water from their food.

Surprisingly, caracals have a great vision even at dawn. That’s the reason why they were trained as hunting animals in India and Iran a long time ago.

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