Eventually, both the dog and the newborn puppies were saved

The couple decided to take something with them from vacation. But they did not want to buy the usual souvenirs. They visited so many animal shelters and decided to save one of the dogs as a memory of good times.

They wanted to choose the pet who was in need. And they managed to find such a pet. The animal with a broken paw was in pain. The shelter staff decided to euthanize the animal but then everything suddenly changed.

The couple took the pet and returned to their home. Then something unexpected happened. The animal went into labor. She gave birth to her puppies. The animal trusted her puppies to their new owners.

The couple changed their route and went to the hospital. But the babies were born on the way to the hospital. The woman helped the animal the way she could. She looked after the babies properly. The animal gave birth to 6 puppies. And fortunately, they were feeling well.

The babies are growing and they have a caring family. So, this couple wanted to save a dog but ended up saving seven ones.

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