Elderly man went to a beauty salon and asked for hair and make u lesson for his wife

This 79 years old man was accepted to a stylist school.
He wanted to learn how to do hair and make up for his wife, because his wife could not do so any longer.

His wife was gradually losing her sight.
So, that’s why she decided to help her wife so that she could not be disappointed.

Her wife loved makeup so much and did not imagine her life without doing so.
The man loved his wife so much. He showed everyone the photo of her and was amazed by her.

She told everyone that his wife is very talented and beautiful. He is proud of his wife. So, he also loved her looks and always wanted to see her in such a beautiful way.

They love and care for each other even at such an age.
This is Love. This love is proved by an action but by words.

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