Doctors wanted to euthanize the paralyzed cat but kind people gave him another chance

Two cats named Hurricane and Twisty were from the shelter. When they grew up, Hurricane could walk normally but Twisty had some problems with his legs. And it seemed that he was paralyzed as he could not move.

Then it turned out that he had a neurological problem.
So, the shelter workers found a doctor who could deal with that problem and brought him for an examination.

They saw how Twisty wanted to fight for his life. The baby was powerful and he did not feel pain. He did not want to give up and wanted to explore the world.

The shelter staff came up with an idea and built a hanging cart for him. That was a therapy machine for people.
So, they believed that it would help him to move. And maybe someday the animal would be able to walk without it.

This story once appeared on social media and people were amazed by it. After this, the animal became even more friendly. So, the animal fought for his life and thanks to kind people he survived.

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