Doctors built a beautiful place for saved dogs so they feel comfortable live

Veterinarians created a shelter for animals so they could live a comfortable life.
The man called the place ‘Dpg village’. And this is a cozy place for the animals who will stay there before adoption.

So, I dreamed about a place where dogs would feel comfortable. Here, they will feel at home and even potential owners could spend a day with them, said Radoslaw Fedeczynski.

Many houses are built here. And the place is made as comfortable as possible.
This is a safe place for them before adoption.

Curators spent about 10 hours a day taking care of them. And the place is also near to the vet and rehabilitation center.
Radoslav is thankful to everyone who helped him in this. He is planning to build even more houses in the village. Let’s wish him good luck.

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