Dmitry Komarov shared his impressions of the trip to the liberated Kherson

Dmitry Komarov, a well-known TV presenter, said that he was in Kherson, which was recently released. On his page on social networks, he also showed a video taken during the trip.

The first photo shows Dmitry at the entrance to Kherson with a patrol officer holding a watermelon; in the second photo, the presenter rejoices at the residents of Kherson, who took part in a demonstration in support of Ukraine.

“Incredible atmosphere. Positive. People’s eyes are shining with happiness. Happy holiday, a wonderful city with wonderful people! The fear that gave Kherson the name “Russia” is now forever in the past. Now the central square is filled with joyful people who are convinced of a happy future with Ukraine, ”the TV presenter wrote.

It should be recalled that Dmitry Komarov, the host of the program “The World Inside Out”, films the crimes of the Russian troops from the first days of the Russian invasion. Dmitry was in those places where the most fierce battles were going on.

Also, Dmitry Komarov was declared an enemy of the Russian Federation and he was banned from entering this country for 50 years. Dmitry laughs at this situation and helps our troops like any other Ukrainian. He mainly raises money to buy drones.

And on his birthday, Dima put his Jaguar up for auction and sold it for one million hryvnias. Komarov donated the entire amount to the needs of the army.

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