Bjorn was barely saved by the dog Gibson

Bjorn Wall was in his garage when he felt that something was wrong. He started to feel worse.
He put the work down and went back home.

To get to the house you should pass through the laundry room. But he could not go further.
No one could help him.

But luckily, the dog named Gibson was there. When he saw the man lying there he understood that something was wrong. He started to bark.

His daughter was sleeping on the 2nd floor when she heard the loud barking. She came to see why he was barking.

The dog headed her to the room where the man was. So, she found her father lying there.
‘I was shocked and did not know what to do. My dad was not responding to me she said.

She called an emergency service and the help arrived after 20 minutes. They took him to the hospital and here he was diagnosed with a stroke.

The man could not survive if he stayed there for a long time.
He had to pass 3 months of rehabilitation treatment and then he could go home.

Now, he still has some difficulties in moving his arm but he was saved thanks to the loyal dog.
The family was so grateful to have such a dog.

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