Bike gang saved many helpless animals

Many people think that the representatives of subcultures like bikers did not have empathy.
You can argue with this stereotype. The group named Rescue Ink Biker is saving many pets during the years.

They exist in one of the most famous areas of New York.
The area named Long Island is popular with its dog fights. Many people often go there and take poor animals by force.

And recently, the gang started to go places and be sure that the owners do not beat their dogs.
It’s hard to prove their guilt. To do this you should ask private detectives.

The house for pets was a rented house but then it was changed as it was considered to be safe anymore. And now the big hanger was a house for them.

So, this group not only helps but adopts them also.
Previously, bikers did not have a good reputation but now they are allowed to be part of society again and do good for them.

This story proves that everything can be changed and even the things that seemed unreal.

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