Before the suicide, the man hear a ‘meow’ that changed everything

Post-traumatic disorder is common for many soldiers.
This story is about a man called Josh who suffered a lot after fighting. He did not have any hope that the only way out was suicide.

He wrote farewell and went to smoke the last cigarette. But then something happened that changed everything.
He heard ‘meow’ coming from brushes and then noticed a small cat.

The cat came closer to me and wanted me to pet him and then I started to cry. And this was the start of a new life.
He started to feed the cat every day. When he called his name he immediately appeared there.

But after some days when the man returned home, he could not find the cat any more. He was so depressed.
The cat changed his whole life and he started to date a girl. And after a month the couple decided to adopt a cat in memory of the kitten who saved his life.

They went to the shelter to choose a cat. And something miraculous has happened. They met the same cat.
Josh took him without hesitation and named it Scout. Scout plays an important role in their family.

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