Bees are the most significant insects living on Earth

Scientists believe bees are one of the most essential insects in the world. All of this is because of the amount of good they do throughout their lifetime. Bees give us wax material and honey. Also, they play a great role in pollinating many plants and sometimes even for animal food.

Moreover, without these hardworking insects, there would be fewer nuts and any type of grains, along with some fruits and vegetables. If the bees population decreases it can lead to many misfortunes.

Nowadays, in some countries, domestic animals are fed only with husks from nuts and shells. Usually, the amount that the owner would feed their animal is only due to the number of nuts they gathered during the season.

Imagine if bees would not participate in pollinating walnut trees. That would mean there will not be any walnut to harvest. This will later lead to a natural decrease in the number of domestic birds and animals.

Lately, workers from the organization called “Earth Watchers” made a speech about how important bees are in the ecosystem. They tried to bring the attention of the audience to the fact that some bees are now considered to be endangered species.

The change of the climate and the reduction of greenery in the earth lead to the population of bees getting less.

The ecologists talked about the importance of taking care of the bee population. As the number of bees directly will affect our lives in the near future.

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