Because of the extra weight, the little dog could not even walk but diet helped him to lose weight

The dog named Shorty was about eleven years old.
He spent most of his life with his siblings living in the old woman’s house.

The woman was too old to take care of the dog anymore.
And when she died the animal was transferred to the shelter.

There they met Carlie Cahill. This woman always loved animals.
But she never thought about getting a dog.

But when she saw Short her heart melted. So, she took her home.
Then she took it to the hospital to make sure everything was good.

Later, it turned out that it had a thyroid disease.
And he was put on a diet.

It took 2 months to lose half of its weight.
And a good friend helped and always supported him to do so.

Stafford Toad became friends with a little dog and enjoyed playing with him.
Shorty’s whole life suddenly changed and it became a friendly and joyful creature.

And soon he managed to move quickly and started to play with others.
He deserves the best, said the owner who did everything necessary for him.

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