Because of the dog, the couple lived in a car for a long time

They could not find a home because of their pet and now live in a car. The car is full of clothes and things. So, they sleep in the front seats.
The couple moved from the rented house. It smelled like a corpse from the basement, the man told.

So, the owner did not want to do anything. And the couple sued the owner of the house and managed to reduce the amount of rent. But after some months they were evicted. So, they lived in different apartments with the help of insurance.

We did not apply anywhere for this but after some time our money ran out and we appeared in the street.
And it was impossible to rent a house. And the biggest problem was fighting a huge dog that weighed about 80 kilograms.

The dog was a real member of their family and they could not just leave the pet.
The couple talked with 50 landlords but everything was in vain. No one wanted to give their house to the ones who have dogs.

The couple received 780 euros per month but all this money is spent on the fuel and the dog.

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